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Είναι Πάσχα… Απρίλιος 6, 2007

Posted by argos in Άτιμη Κοινωνία, Life.


…όταν στα blog κυριαρχούν ιστορίες με ταξίδια, ενώ στο θυμικό, ιστορίες με ξίδια.



1. Queerdom - Απρίλιος 7, 2007

Εγώ προσπαθώ να αλλάξω το κλίμα αλλά φαίνεται η τσίκνα εμποδίζει την ελέυθερη σκέψη.

2. Argos - Απρίλιος 7, 2007

Είναι άτιμη αυτή η τσίκνα…

3. Exiled - Απρίλιος 8, 2007

Χρόνια πολλά Θωμά!

4. Νίκος Γενημάκης - Απρίλιος 9, 2007

Χρόνια πολλά κι από μένα, και φρόντισε να παραμείνεις «άπιστος». 😉

5. Argos - Απρίλιος 9, 2007

Χρόνια πολλά και στους δυο και Νίκο, επι αιώνες ε’ιμαι «άπιστος» δεν θα χαλάσω εγω την παράδοση 🙂

6. philos - Απρίλιος 11, 2007

Πολύ σοφή διαπίστωση!

7. j95 - Απρίλιος 17, 2007

πολύ ωραία αυτή η σειρούλα post.

8. Argos - Απρίλιος 17, 2007

Χαίρομαι που σου άρεσε.

9. George Comney - Απρίλιος 19, 2007

I was a catechumen repelled by your anti-Semitic service, especially on
Good Thursday (beatitudes 4th tone, 13th antefone 2nd plagal 6th tone, 11th
antefone 2nd plagal 6th tone; also Tuesday 3rd ode 2nd tone tropare). Don’t
you know how these passages fired up the Black Hundreds to go out and kill
Jews for their Judas fires? Some of you say they were added during the Middle
Ages and should be removed. What are you waiting for? Jews and Protestants
don’t eat anything when they fast, but you eat seafood that is not Kosher,
deliberately out of anti-Semitism. You refuse to use matzabread in the
communion host because of your anti-Semitism. Your service book was written
by Chrysustolm, a communist Syrian terrorist who sought to consumate the
crimes his Seleucid forefathers were prevented from committing on Channukah,
and who wrote «Questioning is the subversion of faith» (Homily I on I Timothy
I). How do you masquerade to parade for religious freedom? If you want
Greeks to be a free people again, you should abandon your islamosoviet
religions and join the West. How do you expect Americans to elect Greeks who
attend such services to higher office?

10. Argos - Απρίλιος 20, 2007

WTF. Do you speak Greek? Have you understood anything? Or you just wanted to write your point of view?
This is an atheist’s blog and the only reason that I don’t delete your propaganda comment is because I believe in the freedom of speech.
I don’t fucking care about what you think that is anti – Semitic or not, cause I give you the right to have a different opinion.
What exactly is West? Because I think that Israel is more East than Greece…
I don’t care about Greeks to be elected in higher office in USA, I vote in Greece, that’s their problem.
Please the next time you will try to leave a propaganda comment, do it in another blog

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